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How to Secure Java Web Applications ?


It’s a common belief that most of Java web applications developed are insecure. As per one of the reports published by WASC, almost 84% of applications developed are susceptible to XSS attack. If we probe deep into this issue, we would find that there are a number of factors, which account for the vulnerabilities of Java web applications to potential threats.

One of the major factors that attributes for insecure Java applications is risk unawareness. A good number of engineers involved in java software programming are ignorant of the way the HTTP protocol functions and are thus unable to identify the main causes of vulnerabilities.

Some other prime reasons, which account for the vulnerability of Java applications are:

XSS attack

Unsuccessful attempt of restricting URL access

Unshielded Chrytographic storage

Disrupted Authentication and Session Management

Erroneous error handling

Information leakage

Insecure Communications

Insecure Direct Object Reference

Improper file execution

Any many more!

Now that we know the reasons why Java web applications are insecure, it’s time for us to find out the ways to secure the same.


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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Portal Development


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) is a versatile web-based collaboration and document management platform that can be used to build and host enterprise-level Internet and intranet sites and web applications. SharePoint supports many web features out of the box, significantly reducing the time required to get sites up and running. SharePoint web development Improves organizational efficiency, Provides comprehensive content management and enterprise search features, Accelerates shared business processes and Facilitates information sharing across geographical boundaries. As well as supporting enterprise-level Internet applications, SharePoint also provides a secure, scalable environment for team collaboration. Regardless of location, team members can be given password-protected access to SharePoint sites, enabling them to work together on tasks, projects, and documents. Site managers can coordinate site content and user activity. SharePoint makes it easy for Administrators to design, deploy, and administer their sites.

Microsoft Sharepoint services are built for the making the Information management more flexible and secure. Sharepoint products are the best options for the organization which are facing the issues like security of document and communication among the employees. Think of a situation were you are working with a word or an excel file, you and your docs alone, isolated for the rest of the organization. This is the scenario were you are on a client machine and the doc is local to the machine it self with no server. This situation is not good when you and your machine is the part of a big organization. Here you can find Microsoft Sharepoint the best to your help, to enable you be the part of enterprise office Server.

Microsoft Sharepoint has eliminated the Information Management, Access, Security, and Storage challenges and had made all this more flexible and secure for organizations. Sharepoint touches almost all aspect of information in the foam of documents, Communication, and reporting.


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Microsoft to Begin Offering Free Web Development Tools


As part of its move to the cloud, Microsoft, according to Internet.com, will very soon begin offering users free web development tools to help those people who don’t have the
expertise, time or money to develop truly professional quality websites that have a high degree of functionality, i.e. database and computational facilities.

The service, called WebMatrix, will be comprised of SQL services and open source "canned" (ASP.NET or PHP) applications that users can download and paste into their own web sites, with the bonus being that they won’t have to understand how the services or applications work, just how to imbed them into their own site.

According to a statement put out by Microsoft, WebMatrix is aimed at small business owners who desire the web services that are available to larger companies with deeper pockets. But it doesn’t end there, WebMatrix, because of its assumed ease of use will be available for use by anyone that chooses to use it; and here’s the kicker, users don’t have to use Windows Live or any other Microsoft dataspace to hold their site; they can continue to run their web sites off their current hosts, which will definitely make web hosting companies happy. Some are already making plans to integrate the new tools from Microsoft into their platform of options when marketing themselves to new customers.


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