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How to choose and place the keywords that would make your website more visible on Google ?

The more people visit your website, the more potential customers you have. Increasing your visibility on search engines such as Google can basicelly drive more new customers to your website and therefore increase your profit.

But what can you do to optimize your website for search ?

The first thing you have to do is to carefully choose your keywords. You need to discover the keywords that people use on search engines to find products or service like yours. This is the way to find those keywords :

The first one is to choose which keywords you will relate to your website. In order to do so, you just have to think about all the possible keywords that a internet user is going to type into google to find a product or service like yours. Then, you can just type thoses words into a keyword tracking tool (such as Google AdWords’s Keyword Tool) that is going to tell you how often those words were used. It is going to give you how many time theses phrases are seach on average in a day and in a month and furthermore it will also suggest you other relevant terms that you can use for this search.

Once you have determined which keywords are the most relevant for the search you need to place them strategically in two places :

- In the code : They must be at the top of the page’s coding. Place them in the title, the description and the keyword tag. They are called meta tags because the code often begins with “meta” (a webpage’s code, of course, isn’t generally visible in a browser window. If you want to see it, you have to use the browser’s "source" or "page source" command).

- In the visible content : Use your keywords frequently in the text as well as in the other elements such as titles and image titles.

How to install Smarty under XAMPP

Smarty is a PHP based template system designed to separate design/view from the backend, so that designers without advanced programming experience can create templates easily. For example, the first time that I used Smarty templates was during a medium size workflow project. The template system enabled the programmers to focus on generating quality code for the workflow instead of modifying the templates.

There are plenty tutorials online. Even the smarty website has its own set of instructions. However, I wanted this tutorial to aid people who are using XAMPP. So follow this tutorial only if you have XAMPP installed and configured already.

1.) Download the latest smarty from the website
2.) Rename the folder to smarty and put it under your htcdocs folder
3.) Create template, template_c, cache, and configs folder under the smarty folder

Basically you are done installing smarty after these steps above.

Test Installation:
1.) Create a file name index.tpl under template folder and add the following code

<?php {$hello} ?>

2.) Under the smarty root folder, create index.php file with the following information:



$smarty = new Smarty;

$aaa = “hello world”;




3.) Open the index page, you should see hello world displayed in the web browser.

Web design and web development

TekSof.com, a renowned web design and web development company, is famous for its excellent services and unmatched quality in the designs and websites they make. In addition, it also offers internet marketing services, website hosting, flash web design, online store making services, payment integration programs, online business solutions as well as e-commerce based modern and highly interactive CMS which was based affordable web design. Shafqat Jilani, TekSof CEO, also said that their company offers cost effcive, dynamic website design and website development that will increase your sales.

Source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/sbwire-99005.htm