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10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years

The evolution of technology is something that seems unpredictable. But still by looking at Research and Development laboratories, you can have an overview on what the future looks like in terms of technology.

Dave Evans, Cisco’s chief futurist and chief technologist outlined 10 technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years at Cisco Live. His talk was dissected by the website infoworld.com. Here is an overview of his talk.

1. The internet of things

Cisco IBSG predicts that the number of things connected to the Internet will reach 50 billion in 2020, so about 6 devices per person. A lot of people in the developing countries already have three or four devices connected to the internet such as computers, smartphones, tablets and television devices. Next up are sensor networks that “collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data on a massive scale” says Evans. Some devices being developed for the moment are smart appliances and smart meters, a wine cellar climate monitoring system and smart home automation service.

2. Not just big data but a zetaflood

5 exabytes of data were created in 2008. That’s one 1 billion DVD. This year, we are creating 1.2 zettabytes, that means approximately 250 times more than in 2008. That’s mainly due to the increase of HD Video. Cisco believes that 91 percents of Internet Data in 2015 will be video. This “zettaflood’ will requires improved network in order to move the data.

3. Wisdom of the cloud

The majority of the zettaflood will be held in the cloud. By 2020, one third of all the data will live in or pass trough the cloud. In addition to video, the computing power of the cloud delivered to endpoint devices changes our ability to communicate with things like real-time translation. Right now, the voice search on an Android phone sends the query to the Google cloud to decipher and return results. "We’ll see more intelligence built into communication. Things like contextual and location-based information."

4. The next Net

New forms of networks are being created. Vint Cerf discusses the new protocols needed to build an interplanetary network which can send data vast distances without being disturbed by latency, multiterabit networks using lasers are being explored and early work is happening on a concept called "quantum networking," based on quantum physics.

5. The world gets smaller

Social networking will continue to be behind social movement, such as we saw during the Arab Spring. Social influences will continue to move rapidly between cultures. A smaller world means also faster information dissemination.

6. The power of power

As the population continues to grow, more and more cities are built. To power those cities, we need to find more efficient methods such as solar energy. Researchers are working on a way to develop this technology at a lower cost

7. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

More items will move from physical to virtual. Today, we download e-books and movies, rather than bound books and DVDs. A technology called 3D printing will allow us to instantly manufacture any physical item, from food to bicycles, using printer technology.

8. Another family tree

Virtual humans, both physical (robots) and online avatars will be added to the workforce.

Robots are said to completely replace human being in the workforce in 2035 and research are made to create a human brain using hardware and software.

9. Yes, there’s a cure for that

In the next 10 years, Evans believes medical technologies will grow vastly more sophisticated as computing power becomes available in smaller forms. Devices such as nanobots and the ability to grow replacement organs from our own tissues will be the norm.

10. Humans or Borg?

Substance for photographic memory, artificial hand with feelings, retina implants aiming to restore vision to blind patient, spinning heart … Those technologies are developed and could be available in the next 10 years. While their early use will be for people who need it, it could become available to everyone in order to all in order to mend, improve or enhance our bodies.

Source: http://www.infoworld.com/d/data-center/10-technologies-will-change-the-world-in-the-next-10-years-184?page=0,0

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