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Why Should you choose a CMS for your Web site?

A Content Management System is a web application that includes page authoring, collaboration, and management solutions designed to perfectly allow individuals with little bit HTML and PHP knowledge to update and deal with website content. Many Content Management Systems use a database like as MySQL to save materials. This information then is introduced to page viewers in a theme layout (Frontend). Many CMS use caching to perfect effectiveness. From the backend, page owners are provided with an maintenance panel which sometimes is web based.

Hassle-free Benefits of CMS

Minimum Cost
Several of the top rated Content Management Systems are free and open source, such that as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. More might be served based on monthly subscriptions. Overall, it is extremely affordable for businesses since they won’t have to hire a third party company or a full time employee to supervise a page.

Not hard to Customize
The crucial benefit of constructing your page with a CMS is that you will be capable to edit, add, delete and move Blog posts on your site with tiny effort and even if you have no knowledge of HTML or PHP.

Constantly up to Date
With an infinite number of online competitors, you intend your website to be Constantly up to date and with high Quality Writing. Blog posts Management Systems encourages you to generate these upgrades quickly and Not complicated on a routine basis giving away your business the appearance of Always offering new and fresh information. Just because it is Easy to cultivate these replacements, you will be able to add more Information to your page giving you your website visitors a better experience.

Majority of Blog posts Management Systems use databases like as MySQL to keep the Writing, giving away you more options to restrict access to your page information. Site owners can give restrictive access to people by assigning roles and permissions to prevent them from enhancing Text that they are not expected to.

Content Management System assist your business crew to collaborate in nearly all scenarios such that as creating, editing and approving Blog posts before uploading. A more cutting edge opportunity of collaborating with CMS is when your business demands to cultivate workflows for sales, delivery, invoicing and payments.

Quality and Performance
A CMS will On the whole accelerate your web site’s Quality and Effectiveness. With more advanced effectiveness, a CMS can do actions that are extremely confusing to do with plain HTML or PHP. Due to everything is centralized, it stimulates your site’s Overall performance by allowing accelerated access to Blog posts while being dynamic.

Building your page with a good Content Management System may not be over priced, but not featuring one is. Plain and easy, a CMS will economise you bucks, not matter how you look at it. It is a practical choice Because you will All the time benefit from it. CMS help save companies numerous of dollars by generating site owners to update, make upgrades, edit, move, remove information quick and Pain-free, instead of paying third party businesses or even a full time employee to generate these replacements.

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Apple May Launch iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October

Apple plans to launch a new “iPad 3″ with a Retina Display this coming March, and then a second “iPad 4″ model in October — and ship them with “killer applications.”

Citing unnamed sources from within Apple’s component supply chain, DigiTimes on Friday reported that Apple is prepping both new iPad models for a 2012 launch. The first model, dubbed iPad 3, will feature a QXGA 1,536 x 2,048-pixel HD display and significantly longer battery life, and Apple reportedly has plans to drop the price of its current iPad 2 model to $399 when it launches its new tablet in March. Read on for more.

A second new iPad referred to as the iPad 4 by component suppliers will then launch in October, perhaps alongside Apple’s next-generation iPhone. BGR exclusively reported in December that a redesigned iPhone with an aluminum case will launch this coming fall. Few details surrounding the iPad 4 were provided, though the site did say it would include a 9.7-inch display along with “much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications.”

DigiTimes has claimed in multiple reports that Apple plans to launch two new iPads in 2012, but other sources suggest the second model is in fact an early prototype of Apple’s 2013 iPad model. Instead, Apple will reportedly launch a new iPad model in March while maintaining iPad 2 production and selling a single model of the older tablet at a lower price.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/08/apple-may-launch-ipad-3-in-march-ipad-4-in-october/

Mobile browsing reaches all-time high

If you haven’t whipped your Web site into shape for easy viewing on small-screen devices, you’d better get cracking.

Mobile browsing reached its highest levels so far, 7.7 percent of total browser usage, in December.

Mobile browsing reached its highest levels so far, 7.7 percent of total browser usage, in December.

(Credit: Net Applications)

That’s because the use of mobile devices reached an all-time high in December, accounting for 7.7 percent of browser usage according to Net Applications’ measurements of daily visits to its network of 40,000 Web sites. That may still be a small fraction of total Web traffic, but it’s a large and growing population in absolute numbers.

Tablet browsing in many ways is similar to desktop browsing; screen resolution on the dominant iPad and iPad 2 aren’t that far off a laptop. But touch interfaces are different from mouse interfaces, especially when it comes to tapping buttons with precision. And smaller tablets are awkwardly in between the iPad and mobile-phone screens. It’s for these reasons that there’s a lot of work in retooling CSS and other Web technologies to make Web sites adjust to different screen sizes, but for now it’s a tough challenge for Web programmers.

Among mobile browsers, Apple’s Safari remained the top dog with 53.3 percent of usage, a drop from 55.0 percent in November. Opera rose to 21.7 percent and Google’s Android browser dipped to 15.9 percent in December, making their reversed positions in October look more like an anomaly than the new order.

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Java Development and Best Infrastructure Optimization Services

Today, you are in computer age. With the developing world of today, you are getting new things to use every time. Computer is enormously used today and with it, the Java Application is getting more and more popular. India is the leader in case of software development in the whole world. Even the giants in IT are from India only. Indian software development companies are capable of providing international quality products to cater the elite giants situated in foreign countries. Indian software developers provide offshore services to their clients.

Java development companies are growing day by day. They deliver best infrastructure optimization services. They also provide you with latest technologies that help in the growth of modern world. The technologies in which such companies deal are:

• Architecture/ frameworks (Microsoft.Net, or JTEE)
• Programming languages (C#, Visual Basic, C++, or VB.Net)
• Web technologies (HTML, DHTML, XML, or AJAX),
• Server languages (ASP, Servlets, JSP, PHP, or C#),
• Databases,and (MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL),
• Various testing tools.

Java provides scalable, dynamic and flexible technologies in terms of applications for its users. They produce web oriented and desktop java products and applications. Frameworks like spring, Struts, Hibernate, etc. They can also switch your existing application servers to Java or JTEE platforms such as Apache, WebSphere, and Weblogic.

Source: http://w3digg.com/2011/09/others/development-others/65632.html

Access Web Development Employs Excellent Website Development Team

Access Web Development is the most renowned and reliable name in providing quality website development services in Las Vegas. Providing excellent solutions to the clients, the company adds interesting elements to engage prospective customers to connect with the company’s products and services. The strength of the company lies in qualified and experienced professionals who provide latest designs, techniques and applications with the websites.
Whether the client is new or old, the development team has many and outstanding ideas for every project. They offer customized designs, self-managed options, interactive e-commerce web application, webhosting services etc. Due to extensive experience in the field, the website development professionals have offered remarkable websites that are unbeatable and incomparable in e-commerce business world.
“Website development and designing is not our business, it is our passion and religion. Providing remarkable and astonishing websites to clients provide immense pleasure to our web development team. Our earnings are not related to dollars, our earnings are the appreciation and praises that we receive from our clients,” says XXX, spokesperson of Access Web Development.
The company’s motive is to build strong business relationships with the clients rather focusing on the internal benefits. The company believes in offering exceptional services without costing too high for the clients. All these are provided at industry leading price. So you get quality development services at affordable rates.

Source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/sbwire-114768.htm

Web development ideas

It’s vital to look for an efficient internet host when running different programs and applications. As a result of open-source design, the framework allows programmers to relish their ideas and creations faster. In the past, there are some applications taking programmers weeks or months to perform, but now they can be accomplished at a much faster rate. Huge companies purchase both smaller may ultimately improve productivity, value and income.

Hosting, a kind of internet service where in groups and folks, can create their very own website or program and make these on the market to thousands of people making use of the World Wide Web or internet. The process is called housing or collocation, from which you can find simple and small-scale web and file hosting. Moreover, programmers can offer users with additional features and content that will make their websites as interesting to consumers as possible.

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New Launched MobiUs HTML5 Web App Platform

The newly launched MobiUs from appMobi will now run online applications with the same functionality as native apps from app stores. Moreover, appMobi says that until now web apps and websites have had limited capabilities, technically incapable of utilizing the features that made smartphones so popular. Once a web app is bookmarked in MobiUs, the app is stored on the smartphone, so it loads instantly and can run with or without Internet connectivity, just like a native app.

Here are the key features of MobiUs:

1. Mobile-optimized web app caching for instant access to web apps even when the device isn’t connected

2. DirectCanvas for supercharged game speed and performance

3. Web-based Push notifications for user engagement

4. Built-in e-commerce capability through appMobi’s 1Touch digital wallet technology

5. Mobile-optimized tabbed browsing

6. Full screen browsing

7. Orientation locking

8. In-app access to device hardware functionalities

Allowing web developers to access all of the functions that native apps can access, effectively creating the performance of a native app in a mobile website, the MobiUs browser makes the mobile web far more immersive.

Source: http://drdobbs.com/web-development/231902239

Google launched Dart to reduce web development hassle

This Monday, Google launched an early preview of Dart, which is a new programming language for building web applications and is seen as an alternative to JavaScript. Google said the goal of Dart is to make the creation of web applications less of a hassle.

Lars Bak, Dart Team Software Engineer, said that Dart is to create a structured yet flexible language for web programming. Moreover, they make Dart feel familiar and natural to programmers so it is easy to learn. Furthermore, they ensure that the new language delivers high performance on all modern web browsers and environments from hand-held mobile devices to service-side execution.

Additionally, Bak told us that Dart code can be executed in two different ways: on a native virtual machine, or on top of a JavaScript engine using a compiler that can translate Dart code into JavaScript. So you can write a web application in Dart and have it compiled and run on any modern browser.

Source: http://www.crn.com/news/applications-os/231900463/google-aims-for-web-development-bulls-eye-with-dart.htm?itc=refresh

Web VS Native Development

No matter to develop the Web or to develop native apps, there are reasons. Here we’ll simply talk about them.

Reasons to go Native

Native apps run faster in many scenarios. Moreover, native apps are likely to have access to new mobile device capabilities before Web apps do. In addition, development tools for optimizing performance on mobile devices have lagged behind the tools available to native app developers. And monetization of native apps through app stores works.

Reasons to go Web

Microsoft is making a major commitment to HTML5 development in Windows, which means that we’ll see a lot more Web applications from Microsoft developers. Meanwhile, the Web demands less revenue than the native. And at this moment, the Web has fewer patent predators. Finally, the Web will change the way applications are developed and will challenge the conventional wisdom.

Source: http://www.informationweek.com/news/development/web/231500197

Choose the best web application programming service

We often have problems moving business functions and services for our physical offices to the internet, the task of establishing an online business require skillful web application programming experts. A good online store ecommerce website will be able to reach millions of new customers and will have a very good impact on the profitability and long term viability of your business.

Choose the best online store ecommerce provider, you need to know some qualities of an excellent web development team. First of all, you should make sure you are dealing with a company that has plenty of experience in web design and development because experience counts a lot. And then, the web application programming service you choose should be able to create and build customized solutions for you, make sure that it has the capability to custom fit the applications based on your particular needs.