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Online Clothing Shop Web Development


Client: Clothing Shoping

Location: San Francisco



“We launched the online clothing shop for more than two months, but only made about eight actual sales through the website. By the third month, we were even thinking about closing down the website.” – said manager.


The site lacked good fundamental website structure and search engine optimization. It was not index by any search engine. Techome web development team came up with a short term and a long term solution to improve the website visibility.



The long term solution was taking advantage of existing customer. Although the online shop was not doing well, the clothing store was well known locally for tailoring dresses and gowns. The web development team suggested that the client to befriend their casual customers on social network. The client should also participate in online fashion communities.


The short term solution was to redesign and recreate the website. Techome web development team decided to use PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, and Ajax to create a dynamic and search engine optimization friendly website.


The combination of PHP and Ajax allowed web development team to create a secure shopping cart for the website. The web developers also customized CSS and HTML to display client’s unique fashion sense. JQuery and JavaScript were used to improve website’s user experience. Shopping records and web information were stored in MySQL database. The web development team also came up with clear website structure and suggested the client to create unique characteristic and relative Meta titles, keywords, and descriptions.



“We are impressed by the changes that Techome made for our online website. They don’t just provide web development services; they also provided good business solutions for us.” –said the owner.


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